And we give you plenty to 

think about.

We rely on hook and line to catch one fish at a time.

Deeper dive: Why hook and line?

Traditional hook and line method allows us to minimize the amount of by-catch. Each fish is handled individually, allowing us to control its journey, right up until we hand it off to you. We are unique in this respect.

Deeper dive: How sustainable is it?

We fish with intention at every step.

Deeper dive: How are fish handled?

One fisher, one hook and line, one fish. We use a net—not a gaff—to bring our catch on board. Once landed, every fish is immediately bled, then chilled in a saltwater ice slurry—not frozen.

Deeper dive: What’s so special about your methods?

We keep our fish fresher longer. Which means it stays that way as we hustle back to port and bring it closer to you. Our approach ensures the quality, texture, freshness, and taste of the fish.

We’re out and back within the same day.

Deeper dive: What is a day boat?

We run light and lean aboard a small, fast, powerful, and nimble boat called the Opportunaty. Unlike many operators that stay out fishing for weeks, our co-op fleet is out and back within 24 hours.

Deeper dive: Why does speed matter?

We’re quicker out to sea, quicker to the fish, and quicker back to port. We bring our fresh fish back to port within 24 hours. Quicker home means quicker to your plate.

Deeper dive: Always the same day? Really?

Yup. We’re one of the only commercial fisheries who can make this claim. It’s difficult to pull off, but it’s a key part of our little shakeup of the fishing industry. And it’s critical in providing the freshest, highest-quality fish imaginable.

We hand-cut our fish back at home.

Deeper dive: Why hand-cut?

Every one of our fish is hand-cut by seasoned pros we know and trust. It’s one more way we bring quality to everything we touch—especially the fish. So only the best ends up on your plate.

Deeper dive: Where is the work done?

Returned fresh to port in Ilwaco, our fish receives the local treatment. Our crew hand-cuts the fresh fish into loins at our own certified processing facility in port.

We pack and freeze ASAP.

Deeper dive: Why is this important?

All our fish is vacuum-packed and quick-frozen on site in Ilwaco to assure its quality, texture, and flavor. Pulled from your freezer, our tuna is ready to thaw and prepare within an hour.

Deeper dive: How quickly do you process the fish? 

Every loin cut is quick-frozen less than 48 hours after we pull it from the Pacific. This amazingly efficient process guarantees that Tre-Fin is the freshest, highest-quality albacore you can find.

Time to claim your share.