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Sesame-Seared Albacore Tuna

This is a delicious and super-quick dinner for any weeknight, but special enough for entertaining. Serve with rice, sweet pickled sushi ginger, and baby cress, daikon sprouts or other small spicy greens.

Makes 4 to 6 servings 


  • 1/4 cup soy sauce                                                          
  • 1 tablespoon sherry                                                            
  • 1 tablespoon honey                                                             
  • 2 tablespoons sesame oil   
  • 1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
  • 1/2 cup sesame seeds
  • 6 to 8 one-inch thick Tre-Fin Day Boat Tuna medallions
  • 1 tablespoon oil, grapeseed or oil with a similarly high smoke point
  • Wasabi for serving, optional 


    In a small bowl, stir together the soy sauce, sherry, honey and sesame oil. Divide the mixture in half and stir the rice wine vinegar into one to make the dipping sauce. Set aside.

    Spread the sesame seeds out on a dinner plate.  Add the tuna medallions to the remaining soy sauce mixture, shake off any excess marinade and press each medallion into the sesame seeds to coat on both sides.

    Heat the oil in a heavy pan or cast iron skillet over high heat until very hot, just before it begins to smoke. Gently lower the sesame-coated medallions into the pan and sear on each side for approximately 30 seconds.  Serve with dipping sauce and wasabi, if desired.